World Atlas of Spices?


For those of you traveling to Harz region in Germany I highly recommend a visit to the Kräuterpark Altenau. This is a family-own garden with lots of green spices and herbs. There is also a nice “spice pagoda” where you can read about the trips made by the owner in the whole world in search for spices. But the most exciting part is the spice gallery, a big room where you can smell and test over 350 spice mixtures from all over the world:

Spices from all over the world at Kräuterpark Altenau

The spices are mixed in the house (some of them roasted) and then displayed on a rack along the walls. The feeling is amazing, after smelling 10 samples you get so hungry… We bought several spices for meat and fish dishes and promised to return to the shop (by the way, they have an online shop too). But when I saw this display I couldn’t stop myself taking a photo and thinking of a great… sand collection :)