Today an old dream became reality: the World Atlas of Sands came into life in printed form!!! The book is simply called “World Atlas of Sands” and it has the suffix “Vol. 1” because it is part of a series of more volumes with the topic SAND. This first book is just a compilation of 140 microphotographs as you can see them on the Sand Microphotography library on my website. The next volumes will include more text and will be dedicated to various “sandy themes”: country profiles, sand mineralogy, sand colors etc. Anyway, I feel enormously happy for the first edition, even if the book has been issue in… one exemplar only.

World Atlas of Sands - Vol. 1 Sand macro photography
My first book about sand…

The book was printed as “photo book” by a specialized company. What is to mention here is the great print quality and the exceptionally  quick delivery. I uploaded the PDF file on Sunday evening (I made the layout by myself) and the book arrived today, Tuesday morning (execution and delivery in less than two days!!!!). The quality is amazing, I can highly recommend Saal Digital for printing your own photo books. And here is an example of the inside pages as exported image from the PDF file:

Example of inner pages