Sands of Portugal


This is an old post that I wrote some months ago but never published yet. The story is about our holiday in Portugal in August 2010 when we drove along the Atlantic coast from Lisbon up to Viena do Castelo in the north. The holiday was not just meant as a sand collecting trip and we have lot of fun walking along the narrow streets of some medieval towns and enjoyed a lot the local food. But such a long coast (almost 1,000 km for the continental Portugal) almost invited us to take a sand sample. We returned home with about 25 samples that could have been much more but we just did not want to transform our holiday into a stop-and-collect action.

In the photo above you can see however where did we take sands from (on the left I have some photographs from the locations marked with yellow on the map). Nowadays the collection at Sand Atlas counts 133 samples from Portugal that cover 16 out of 20 country’s administrative divisions (following regions are still missing: Bragança PT-BA, Évora PT-EV, Portalegre PT-PA and Viseu PT-VI).