Collecting small amounts can be extremely benefical in terms of number of sands swapped. As far as I know, this is the biggest number of sands that I ever sent to another collector: 275 sands in quantities from 2 to 5 ml. I really hope the package will arrive at destination because it took me about a week to put all those samples together :-)

275 sand samples sent to Matt Whaley in the USA

The last 22 sands were sent by Pete Gigliotti and they have just been entered into World Atlas of Sands database. Among them there are samples from 10 different states in the US (8 sands from Hawaii only, including the famous green olivine sand from Papakolea beach) and one sand from each British and US Virgin Islands. Thanks much Pete for this trade!

Sands from Pete Gigliotti (USA)

Last night I took some photos of the sands sent by Kathy Obersinner. There are really nice sands, with lots of minerals of different colors. The samples are maily from Alaska and Hawaii but also from California, Florida, Oregon, Illinois, Chicago, Mississippi, Washington. Additionally, several sands from New Zealand, Mexico, Canada and Bahamas. I already took photos of about 25 sands so please check the Sand Photomicrography section for new photos.

Selection of photomicrographs from the sands received from Kathy Obersinner (USA)

The winter months are rather bad time for sand collecting, at least in this part of the world. However, one can use the time spent at home to organise and refresh the collection, eventually better organize the trading list etc. Some time ago I received a very kind email from another sand collector in the US and we decided to do a ‘blind swap’ (which implies that none of us knows what sands will receieve – pure surprize). The package just arrived from Alaska and today I was able to sort out and organisze the newly arrived sands. Here is a photo of the samples (thanks much Kathy for sending me such nice sands):

The sands received from Kathy Obersinner (Juneau, Alaska, USA)


Very often I was annoyed of not having a complete and updated tradelist so this weekend I started to count all leftovers for the first 1,000 samples. I was surprised to see that one third (336 samples) could potentially be swapped although most of them are in very small amounts (see graphic below).

I will try over the next days to record also the rest up to 2,700 and put together a comprehensive trade list. Because I expect much more leftovers from the rest of the collection, I estimate that my tradelist will contain over 1,000 samples. Although most of them are much less than the standard 30 ml, I know many collectors who collect small amounts so I am looking forward to the next trades. I will post an update to this post when the counting will be complete so stay close if you’re interested in a trade.