One question asked by many sand collectors (either beginners or “experienced” ones) is what shall be the optimum storage method for their sand samples. Basically there are two interconnected groups which I would define like this:


Here the samples are stored in either vials of different sizes meticulously displayed in racks of the same size and material (see photo below or Alain Couette, Charlette & Jean-Pierre Seys, Gary Buckham, Siim Sepp, William Beiriger) or little bottles well documented and labeled (see Frank Winger, Gianni Rovelli, Aylee Bits, Sue Robinson etc). Just by statistics, this storage method seems to be prefered by French and US collectors but this is just a personal feeling, no comprehensive data has been really analysed. Also included here are most collectors from Netherland who use small mount transparent boxes (see for example Ger Geerets);

DE | Ralf Hermann


They are mostly prefered by female collectors with obvious creative skills (again, just personal estimation, please no offense). Frequently the containers are not the same size and they are usually stored in living rooms or other places with good visibility (see below Renate Wilk, Dennis le Corre, Elke Wittich etc).

Renate Wilk
DE | Renate Wilk


For new collectors who need to select the most convenient method but also for “older” ones who just enjoy admiring sand, I have put together a small selection of photographs depicting various types of sand collections. The images are imported from the collectors’ personal websites and have purely demonstrative purposes. The copyright belongs to the persons listed below photographs and a link back to the original site has been provided if available. Shall anybody feel that his/her collection photos need to be removed from this list, please do not hesitate to contact me.

BE | Benny Vermeerschen

DE | Ivonne Roth

US | Dwight Ridenour

AT | Bartek (Sandflower)

US | Stephan Bossert

IT | Sand Sardinia

DE | Hans Zimmermann

FR | Diotima Van Hoeylandt

FR | Manu Saudeau

FR | Nathalie

FR | Michel Guillem (Photo: Jean-Michel Mazet)

DE | Ralf Nikolaus

FR | Anne Laure T.

US | Jack and Mandi

US | Lisa Stone

FR | Pascaline

US | J. Rienhardt

US | Tony Ang

US | Carey Kirkella

PH | Karlo Yap

CA | Daren Barefoot

US | Lisa Peter

US | Jamie Diersing

IT | Valeria Berti

CH | Jacques Lapaire

US | Al Bartell

FR | Claude Girard

FR | Alain Couette

US | Russ Colson

US | Desert Archeology, Inc.

| Sabine Kottmayr

Science Museum of Minessota
US | Science Museum of Minnesota (thanks for the photos, Kate!)

Pascalehh - Couleur Vanille
FR | Pascalehh – Couleur Vanille

UK | Michael Welland

FR | Charlette & Jean-Pierre Seys

DE | Pieter Saupe

CH | Jacques Kuenlin

US | Rob Holman (Photo: New York Times)

FR | Alidor41

Christiane Myrtille
FR | Christiane Myrtille

Frank Winger
DE | Frank Winger

IT | Paolo Beltramini

FR | Dennis le Corre

DE | Elke Wittich

NL | Ger Geerets

IT | Gianni Rovelli

UK | Gary Buckham

Sue Robinson
US| Sue Robinson

DE | Catalin Stefan (see more about my collection here)

Carla Barrett
US | Carla Barrett

US | Aylee Bits

US | Amy Azzarito

EE | Siim Sepp

| Erin Straza

Matthew Whaley
US | Matthew Whaley

US | William Beiriger

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