One of my last samples comes from Isle of Wight, more exactly from the beach at Brookgreen (approx. location: 50°39’04″N 1°27’31″W). The sand has lots of foraminifera, maybe one day I’ll try to separate them on classes but right now I just wanted to share this photo with you (check the Photo Photomicrography section for […]

The song of the dunes


Last days I came across this great clip on youtube about sand saltation. The author used a macro lens and captured on digital support the movement of sand particles on desert dunes. An extraordinary perspective of something rather ordinary… enjoy watching!

Several weeks ago I received a sand sample from Istria, Croatia. Unfortunately I don’t have any more details about the location but the sample got my attention nowadays due to a small label that said: “Foraminifera”. So just from curiosity I made several photos and, indeed, there are plenty of small foraminifera inside! The photos […]

Today we did another hike in Saxon Switzerland mountains (Sächsische Schweiz) just less than one hour drive from Dresden. Together with the Bohemian Switzerland (Böhmische Schweiz), the area belongs to the Elbe Sandstone Mountains (Elbsandsteingebirge) and it represents the preferred weekend destination for most nature-lovers from Dresden and surroundings (see also my previous post about […]