As one of the most abundantly appearing natural compounds on Earth, sand has played an important role in man’s evolution through the ages. Though the average grain of sand is not much larger than the width of a human hair, it is available in copious quantities in almost all parts of the world, making it […]

I recently received some impressive photos of cross-sections through a grain of star sand. With the author’s permission I’d like to share these photos with you since, to my knowledge, these are the first images of this kind circulating among sand collectors. The photos represent 5x, 10x and 20x magnification, respectively. Copyright: Robert Ranner | Leica Mikrosysteme […]

Yesterday I received a really nice email and, with the author’s consent, I decided to publish it on the website because this is maybe the most beautiful part of sand collecting: the people… “Hello, I’ve arrived to your website accidentaly, but I’m really excited after dive into all the beautiful information you present in. I’m a […]

Collecting small amounts can be extremely benefical in terms of number of sands swapped. As far as I know, this is the biggest number of sands that I ever sent to another collector: 275 sands in quantities from 2 to 5 ml. I really hope the package will arrive at destination because it took me […]

The last 22 sands were sent by Pete Gigliotti and they have just been entered into World Atlas of Sands database. Among them there are samples from 10 different states in the US (8 sands from Hawaii only, including the famous green olivine sand from Papakolea beach) and one sand from each British and US […]